When did wisconsin make car insurance mandatory?

Every case is different, and there will be legitimate excuses and times when officers should give drivers some slack, such as when a teenager drives their parents' car and can't find proof of insurance documentation, Lonsdorf said. But won't drivers lie when they say they have insurance even if they don't have tests in the car? Wisconsin's mandatory auto insurance law will take effect on June 1, meaning that law enforcement officers will begin requesting not only a driver's license during traffic stops, but also proof of insurance, which is normally a card provided by insurers when the premium is paid. It's important to understand how car insurance works in Wisconsin, but if you're involved in an accident, you may need to learn more about Wisconsin laws that could affect a car accident claim. If you're asked to show proof of auto insurance in Wisconsin (during a traffic stop, for example), you can get official documentation from your car insurance company (such as a digital version of your insurance card) on your phone or other device.

Learn more about when you might need a car accident lawyer and what to expect from your first meeting with a car accident lawyer. All drivers in Wisconsin must have car insurance or some other form of financial guarantee (bond, personal funds, or self-insurance certificate). Of course, all of these penalties add to the serious financial danger you could find yourself in if you cause a car accident and don't have car insurance. Wisconsin is the 49th state to adopt mandatory car insurance (New Hampshire is the only one that resists) and approximately half require proof of insurance when the motorist obtains or renews the vehicle's license plate.

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