What is the process for filing a complaint with the better business bureau about a claim with liberty mutual in milwaukee?

Use the Office's online claim filing process to file your claim. The Better Business Bureau submits complaints within two days and customers will be notified of any response from Liberty Mutual or that they do not respond. File a formal complaint with your state's insurance regulator. States regulate insurance companies, thanks to the McCarran-Ferguson Act, a 1945 federal law that exempts the insurance business from federal regulation.

We keep going around without my complaint being resolved and I want a corporate manager from Liberty Mutual to call me. The New Jersey Ombudsman helps consumers with issues related to insurance availability, claims processing, coverage questions, and other issues related to insurance consumer education and assistance. Liberty Mutual is making excuses and they are not solving the problem of billing the same person who was already covered by another insurance company, this is fraud, and they refuse to reimburse the amount they charged me and refuse to call me**.

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