What auto insurance companies don t want you to know?

Where you live could cost you dearly. Teen drivers can increase their fare. Monitoring may not save you money. Here are 10 things auto insurance companies don't want you to know.

Determining who is at fault is vitally important. Our lawyers have won cases where the initial investigation conducted by the police or state patrol stated that our client was at fault. After rummaging through boxes of corporate documents and conducting dozens of interviews, they found evidence that our clients weren't 100% at fault. This work allowed our clients to obtain compensation.

Smartphones have dramatically changed the way people live and work. They have also empowered accident victims to be their best advocates at the scene of a car accident or other accident. Laws called “no-fault insurance laws” require insurance companies to pay a limited amount of compensation to each driver who is involved in an accident, regardless of their fault. It's okay to talk to your insurance representative, but don't record or sign anything for the other person's insurance company.

When looking for insurance coverage, be sure to mention any safety or location information that could reduce your overall insurance costs. Your insurance company probably doesn't want you to know that state insurance departments publish guides for insurance buyers.

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