What are progressive 5 core values?

We value and respect our differences, act with kindness and care, and treat others as they want to be treated. We set ambitious goals and evaluate them. Our leadership team embodies our core values and sets the standard for all Progressive employees. Learn how we live our core values in our communities.

We seek to be an excellent, innovative, growing and durable company by cost-effectively and cost-effectively reducing human trauma and the economic costs of car accidents and other mishaps, and creating a recognized, reliable, admired and business-generating brand. We seek to maximize shareholder value and provide a positive environment that attracts quality people who develop and achieve ambitious growth plans. Progressive's core values are the foundation of our corporate culture. They regulate our decisions and define the way in which we conduct our business and how we interact with all interested parties.

We want all progressive people to understand and accept them. We strive to clearly communicate the ambitious goals of Progressive and the personal and team goals of our people. We evaluate performance based on all of these objectives. We seek to obtain benefits by offering consumers the products and services they want.

Profit is the way in which the free enterprise system motivates investment and rewards companies that consistently create value. Since the day Progressive opened its doors, we have been a team of people who risk, learn and grow together in the name of progress.

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