Is progressive insurance being sued?

The lawsuit was filed after both plaintiffs' vehicles were declared total losses following a car accident, and Progressive Corporation was required to pay the owners of the vehicle the actual value in cash to purchase parts. Progressive Security Insurance Company (“Progressive Security”) was sued by certain individuals (“plaintiffs”) who allege that a class of people were injured because Progressive Security undervalued their vehicles with total losses by using the Mitchell Work Center's total loss assessment system (WCTL). My car was in waist-high water for 5 hours because I couldn't get Progressive Roadside Assistance. However, the insurer failed to comply with this obligation, according to the lawsuit, by using valuation reports prepared through projected sales adjustments that undervalued vehicles, allowing the insurer to pay insured persons less.

In October, policyholders filed a similar class action lawsuit against Progressive, alleging that the insurer applies “unfounded adjustments” to reduce the real cash value of vehicles with total losses. If you have a business, progressive commercial insurance isn't for you, since you'll be broke waiting for your claim to be taken care of and paying for any outstanding expenses. Siebert wants to represent a class of people from Maryland who were insured by Progressive and received compensation for a vehicle with a total loss whose actual cash value (ACV) was determined by a Mitchell valuation report. The Progressive claims department told me that an appraiser will come to the garage within 72 hours to check the damage to my car.

A lawsuit has been filed against Progressive Advanced Insurance Company, which states that the company uses inaccurate valuation reports to pay customers less with totaled vehicles. My daughter's car was vandalized while it was parked at my other daughter's house and Progressive considered it a total loss, however, the agent is questioning my two daughters as if they had something to do with it. Either this shortage of employees has significantly reduced the quality of progressive representatives who have problems of understanding, or Progressive believes that they can operate with impunity.

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