Is car insurance mandatory in toronto?

If you live in Ontario, you'll need to have mandatory car insurance coverages that protect you, your passengers and other drivers. Mandatory car insurance is a financial protector for anyone involved in a car accident. Yes, car insurance is mandatory in Canada. Compulsory auto insurance is intended as a financial protector for anyone involved in a car accident.

Certain costs, such as medical and rehabilitation services, can be prohibitively expensive, and insurance offers protection to people who need those services but who otherwise couldn't afford them. In addition, compulsory insurance makes it possible to compensate victims of the collision. Car insurance is mandatory in Ontario, but the type you should take out depends on your specific needs. Here's what you should know about it.

Whether you're trying to save or just aren't worried about damage to your car, you might want to lower your car insurance premium. In Ontario, car insurance became mandatory in 1990, when the Compulsory Auto Insurance Act was introduced. Keep reading to learn about mandatory and optional coverages, as well as the minimum car insurance required in Ontario. Be sure to check with your auto insurance broker to fully understand what your policy covers.

So, you don't have to have your own car insurance policy if you only drive from time to time, as long as the car you're driving is insured. That said, there are other cases where car insurance coverages are mandatory and not regulated by the government. They'll automatically be included in any car insurance policy you take out, but the amount of coverage will vary depending on your unique situation.

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