How much is car insurance in wisconsin for an 18 year old?

The cost of car insurance for 18-year-olds is cheaper than for 16-year-olds, but 18-year-olds pay an average of 198% more than those aged 30, 35 and 45. The difference between the cost of car insurance for 18-year-old male and female drivers in the cheapest companies is the smallest in insurance groups affiliated with the Farm Bureau. The average cost of auto insurance in Wisconsin is cheaper than the national average for both full and minimum coverage. While the age and gender of drivers are not qualifying criteria in every state, Wisconsin auto insurance companies can use these factors to determine premiums. The average cost of car insurance in Wisconsin makes it the 15th cheapest state in the country when it comes to auto insurance.

In addition, if your 18-year-old child has their own car, most insurers offer a discount for insuring more than one vehicle with the same policy. The best car insurance overall for 18-year-olds is GEICO, which has the highest Policygenius rating of all the cheapest companies. Hawaii has the cheapest car insurance for 18-year-olds in all states, because it doesn't allow insurance companies to set rates by age. We found out the cost of car insurance for 18-year-olds who drive using the rates provided by Quadrant Information Services.

We analyzed Quadrant Information Services data across several driver profiles and zip codes to reveal the average cost of car insurance in Wisconsin. Most drivers who are 18 years old have been driving under their belt for two years, and that experience begins to pay off with lower car insurance rates. Car insurance for 18-year-old male drivers is, on average, more expensive than for women with exactly the same profile. For example, if a student needs renters insurance and car insurance, it's a good idea to buy both policies from the same company and request a discount on several policies.

For 18-year-old male drivers with their own insurance policies, Island, North Carolina Farm Bureau, USAA, New Jersey Manufacturers and Erie are among the national companies with the cheapest car insurance rates. While there isn't the best auto insurance company for everyone, knowing what you want in an insurance company can help you find the best auto insurance company in Wisconsin for your needs.

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