How much is car insurance for a 18 year old in pennsylvania?

Average car insurance rates by age show that premiums begin to drop significantly when drivers turn 26. For 18-year-old male drivers with their own insurance policies, Island, North Carolina Farm Bureau, USAA, New Jersey Manufacturers and Erie are among the national companies with the cheapest car insurance rates. Pennsylvania drivers who have an at-fault accident on their record pay 53% more for car insurance than if they didn't have a clean record. As drivers gain more experience and improve their performance behind the wheel, auto insurance rates are likely to decrease, says Carole Walker, executive director of the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association. Driving without accidents or fines, comparing prices and maximizing discounts will help you find the cheapest car insurance rates for teens.

Island, North Carolina Farm Bureau, New Jersey Manufacturers, USAA and Nationwide have the cheapest car insurance for 18 year olds. Buying car insurance with minimal coverage that only meets the state's coverage requirements is a good way to get the lowest possible rate, but it leaves you vulnerable to having to pay high out-of-pocket costs if you have an accident. The average married driver in Pennsylvania pays 4% less for car insurance than if they were single. That's true even for the cheapest auto insurance companies for young drivers in Pennsylvania, Progressive and Erie.

Erie has the cheapest car insurance rates for Pennsylvania drivers with a ticket or accident on their record. And those who want to save money on car insurance premiums can choose to have only the state's minimum liability coverage to be able to drive legally in the state. Full-coverage auto insurance generally includes collision coverage and comprehensive coverage, as well as liability coverage. When looking for car insurance rates in Pennsylvania, it's a promising idea to get quotes from many firms.

The table below shows the other auto insurance companies available that offer car insurance in Pennsylvania, along with their average cost per month and their average annual cost.

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