How long has liberty mutual insurance been in business?

In addition to offering insurance to businesses, Liberty Mutual also offers auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance and other products to people in the United States and Canada. Most of the group's business is workers' compensation insurance, which is offered under several well-known brands, such as Liberty Mutual and Wausau. Liberty Mutual Group owns, in whole or in part, local insurance companies in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China (including Hong Kong), Colombia, Ecuador, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Venezuela and Vietnam. In the United States, Liberty Mutual is still an investment company in which insured persons holding insurance contracts are considered shareholders of the company.

Another breakthrough attributed to Liberty Mutual during the 1940s was the development of the first emergency switch on an escalator, a device that would become a mandatory requirement for all of the United States. These products are marketed under the Liberty Mutual Insurance and Sfeco brands, and are distributed through a network of more than 2300 sales professionals. In 1964, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company began offering life insurance through its Liberty Life Assurance branch. Liberty Mutual settled the lawsuit in December 2001, which required additional disclosure and limited some compensation to company officers and directors.

That same year, Liberty Mutual launched a program to establish small local offices in the United States and Canada. It was also during World War II, in response to the large number of seriously injured soldiers returning to their homes, that Liberty Mutual opened an experimental rehabilitation center in Boston in 1943, with the objective of helping the injured to lead productive lives. This Liberty Mutual initiative helped convince car manufacturers to introduce a series of safety features that have become standard, such as steering columns and foldable airbags, as well as headrests and seat belts. Liberty International offers insurance products around the world, including specialized accident and accident insurance; marine, energy and engineering insurance; and reinsurance.

In 1964, Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston was created to offer a full range of individual and group life insurance products. Because of its growing range of activities, the Massachusetts Employee Insurance Association was no longer an appropriate name; therefore, in August of 1917, the company changed its name to Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. Subsequently, Liberty Mutual became involved in the global insurance market and established Liberty International Insurance Agency, Inc. in 1967.

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