How long does a turo host have to report damage?

You must report the damage no later than 24 hours after the end of the trip to begin the resolution process. Damage reports received after this deadline may not be eligible for coverage under a protection plan offered by Turo and may make it difficult for the guest to resolve the damage. When you return a car and detect damage or a guest notifies you that there is damage to your car, you must report the incident immediately. Don't wait any longer, don't ask them for payment, go to this link here to report the damage to Turo.

You can choose to work it out with the guest if they're willing to fix it, and if you can't reach an agreement in 20 days, you can contact Turo to take care of the claim (be sure to contact him within 20 calendar days from the end date of the reservation, or you WON'T HAVE COVERAGE). Re-listing the car: Once your car repairs have been completed, you'll need to send an email to the Turo claims agent to re-list the car with proof of the repairs. Business plans: The commercial host is reserved for hosts who have a separate car rental operation with daily commercial rental insurance.

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