How can i make sure that i am getting the most comprehensive medical payments coverage from a company based out of oshkosh?

During your first meeting, your agent will discuss the oversight rules and conditions. The court, as well as your agent, may require you to do certain things or prohibit you from doing certain things while under supervision. For example, you may need to participate in a drug or alcohol counseling program, family counseling, a school program, a work program, or other programs. The court may also order you to pay a fine, court costs, or attorney's fees, to perform community service work, to pay compensation to the victim, or to pay supervisory fees.

The payment of supervision fees is an important condition of your supervision and is required by law. Your agent will explain what you owe and help you set up a monthly payment plan based on your financial situation. If you can't pay, your agent can ask the court to give you more time to pay or to change the financial terms of your supervision. For the “Other health insurance” question, if you have coverage under your spouse's or parent's insurance, answer “yes” and provide the insurance policy information on your insurance card.

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