Does your insurance protect you from turo?

Unless you are sure that your personal insurance will cover you, we strongly recommend that you select a protection plan when booking your trip. Some insurance companies exclude coverage for peer-to-peer car sharing, and your credit card company is unlikely to offer coverage for a trip to Turo. Turo is not an auto insurance company. However, they do offer protection plans through Travelers for a fee.

If you are a car rental company that operates on the Turo platform, you should discuss your own car insurance options with your guest before starting the trip. This insurance is secondary, meaning that you'll first have to use any personal car insurance coverage before Turo coverage applies. No matter how you use Turo, whether you're a host (the person who lends the car) or a guest (the person who rents the vehicle), you must have car insurance. Your personal transportation company is unlikely to cover trips to Turo because most insurance companies exclude rental cars and car-sharing apps from their responsibility.

Yes, as a host, you can decline Turo car insurance if you have commercial car insurance, which provides coverage if you use a car for business purposes. This shouldn't affect your personal insurance in any way, as most insurance companies will exclude your car-sharing activities. You must have personal car insurance to comply with your state's laws and stay protected when you don't rent your car with Turo. If your personal insurance company doesn't protect you, the second thing you should do is select the best Turo insurance option before starting any trip.

Check with your personal insurance company to find out if they will protect you when you drive a Turo car. This commercial insurance option is typically available only to rental car companies because most insurance companies exclude car rental. Never assume that your personal insurer will cover your interests, as some insurance companies won't protect you when you use a peer-to-peer car rental application. You should know that most insurance companies don't classify Turo the same way as when renting from a traditional car rental company.

The first thing you should do is contact your personal car insurance provider and ask them how they deal with a peer-to-peer car-sharing app like Turo.

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