Does usaa cover other people driving your car?

Your policy covers anyone who has permission to use your vehicle or reasonably believes that they are allowed to use it. If a driver uses your vehicle regularly for more than 60 days, you must add that driver to your policy. There are times when an insurance company may not cover car damage when someone else drives your car. Your car insurance is generally the main insurance that will pay for the damage and injuries your friend caused if you gave them permission to drive your car.

However, a much more critical question is whether your car insurance company will cover the damage if someone else crashes your car. If you have a gap of a few years of car insurance coverage, a company may charge you much higher rates than if you always had insurance. If your car is involved in an accident, the car generally receives the coverage provided by your insurance policy. Since the insurance you have is for your vehicle (not necessarily for the driver), most insurance policies will pay for claims after an accident.

The good news is that your car insurance company is likely to pay for your car repair if you're involved in an accident while someone else is driving it. That way, you have ongoing car insurance coverage, which the insurance company seeks when setting rates. So stick with us as we analyze Quadrant's data on USAA car insurance by month and what causes rates to increase. While the USAA originally only insured the vehicles of members of the military, it eventually began insuring different military branches, such as members of the Navy.

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