Do you have to insure your car for doordash?

If you don't maintain your own insurance, DoorDash coverage may not apply. DoorDash offers an additional liability insurance policy for all of its drivers. It covers up to 1 million dollars if you have an accident during an active birth. It's very important to make sure that your car insurance doesn't have any exclusions or exceptions for delivery jobs or for the use of your car for business purposes.

An insurance agent can provide you with the details of their rideshare insurance plan so that you know exactly what benefits you're paying for and which are excluded. Whether or not you need additional insurance coverage while delivering food for DoorDash depends on your insurance company. Dustin Walsey, from Buckle insurance, participated in the podcast Deliver On Your Business talking about his car insurance for delivery drivers, available in some states and growing. Some insurance companies cover deliveries to DoorDash with a standard insurance policy, as long as you classify the vehicle as a business vehicle.

Some insurers require that you add additional coverage to your policy, others require that you change your car's classification to “commercial use”, and others cover you under your standard insurance policy. Car insurance companies consider delivery and rideshare drivers to be at greater risk than people who only use their vehicles for leisure and commuting. However, this insurance only pays claims if you were at fault for an accident or if you caused damage while delivering food, that is, whenever you are driving with food in the car. While DoorDash's liability coverage and workplace accident insurance are optional, as long as you have some type of insurance, your insurance company can provide you with more, less, or no coverage while you work for DoorDash.

There are positive and negative aspects of spending additional money each month to insure your car in the event of a potential delivery accident with DoorDash. Most car insurance companies will refuse to cover you if you have an accident while delivering for Doordash or any other company. If you have any questions about what insurance is best for you, contact the company to talk to an insurance agent. These are the insurance companies that offer delivery insurance and coverage for damage to cars, and this is what you will have to pay in addition to each month for it.

This could slightly increase your premium, as it lets your insurance company know that you use your vehicle more often than someone who only drives their car for personal errands. A good practice is to inform your insurance that you are using your car for business purposes (and for what purposes).

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