Can i get a discount on my premium if i am a homeowner with progressive car insurance in appleton?

You can save an average of 5% if you combine home and car insurance with Progressive (the savings apply to your auto policy). You'll receive another discount simply for owning a home, even if your home isn't insured through Progressive's network of home insurance companies. Progressive offers standard home insurance to cover damage and necessary repairs, and additional coverage for other property structures, personal belongings, temporary housing expenses, personal liability and medical payments. Add a full-time student who maintains a B average or higher to your policy, and we'll add a discount on car insurance.

Progressive home insurance is ideal for homeowners who are interested in bundling coverage and who want several additional coverage options. This information is not an insurance policy, does not refer to any specific insurance policy, and does not modify any provision, limitation or exclusion that is expressly stated in any insurance policy. Access your policy by logging in to Progressive and we'll direct you to your home insurance provider. Progressive also offers savings of up to 12% on car insurance when combined with a home insurance plan.

If you combine home and auto insurance with Progressive and both policies have a single incident, you'll only be responsible for one deductible. Insurance companies in some states may use your insurance score as an indicator of future insurance claims. I called a friend of mine from a city that has hundreds of homes built in 1900 and 1800 and he informed me that he had left Progressive because of its high rates and not fulfilling his insurance request with them. Not renewing a homeowners insurance policy is a decision your insurance company can make to stop coverage at the end of the policy term.

Request a mobile home insurance quote online or call 1-855-347-3939 and talk to an authorized representative about mobile home insurance. My family has used Progressive Homeowners Insurance for years because they have always looked after my family and children and I will always respect them for the excellent service they provide.

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