Can a dui be dismissed in ca?

If you are stopped for driving under the influence of alcohol, you can be charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. Fortunately, in the state of California, you can have it dismissed before going to court. A DUI offense may be dismissed for the first time in California. A dismissal means that the court completely drops the charges against you.

The drunk driving charge no longer appears on your file and is not considered a previous offense. A “motion of dismissal” can override a drunk driving arrest in many cases where a driver is unlawfully charged or was arrested without probable cause. To find out if this strategy can work for you, you need the help of a qualified Los Angeles DUI lawyer. You can fight to get your drunk driving charge dropped if you think the police officer stopped you for no reason.

A claim for an unreasonable traffic stop could be a valid case if you believe that the officer stopped you just because of your instinct.

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