Are there any special discounts for safe drivers in wisconsin?

Driver discounts are available for Wisconsin residents whose insurance is lower, such as those with a clean driving record. Several insurance companies offer discounts to those who complete a defensive driving course. Depending on your state or insurance provider, you can get up to 20% off your insurance rates. Drive Safe & Save puts you in control of your car insurance.

You get an initial discount just for signing up and, from there, you can save up to 30% 1 depending on how you drive. Learn more about Drive Safe & Save If you're a new driver or under 25 years old, you may be eligible to participate in our Steer Clear program. You can save while learning to be a better and safer driver. Safe drivers who have a clean driving record, a good credit score, and who comply with state and federal driving laws are likely to qualify for the Wisconsin auto insurance discount.

Third, to qualify for the Wisconsin auto insurance discount, you must have a clean driving record. Driving safely, following traffic laws, and maintaining a clean driving record are the best ways to keep your insurance costs low. Remember that discounts vary between different insurance companies, so it's always best to contact the provider directly to determine the discounts you qualify for. After your teen completes 3,000 miles or a year in the program, you'll get a 10% discount* on your car insurance.

Some discounts, coverages, payment plans and features aren't available in all states, in all GEICO companies, or in all situations. If you take a one-time course, you'll save on insurance for 3 years (people who move to another state or have an interruption in coverage may not be able to get a full 3-year discount). You can get discounts on auto insurance in Wisconsin depending on how you drive, the car you own, and your relationship with your insurance company. Wisconsin car insurance discounts offer opportunities for drivers in the state to save on their car insurance premiums.

In addition to the legal consequences of driving without insurance, you could easily be responsible for tens of thousands of dollars or more in damage to your vehicle, the other driver's repair and hospital bills, and your own medical care. In addition, discounts on vehicles help drivers save if their car has certain security features or anti-theft systems. If you're leasing the vehicle, you may need to present proof of insurance to the rental company before you can take advantage of the discount.

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