Are there any special discounts for members of certain social networks or communities in racine?

The Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services has 5 community centers dedicated to being meeting places for citizens of all ages. The primary purpose of each center is to address the recreational, social, educational and cultural needs of the Racine community. This membership program provides opportunities to CONNECT, GROW and GET INVOLVED through a variety of social, educational and networking events. YPR strives to ensure that Racine is an attractive destination for young professionals to live, work and play.

Can a current member cancel and rejoin another current member? No, this program is for new referrals or previous members whose accounts have been inactive for 90 days. If I no longer qualify for the MFA and have a friend who is already a member, can they hire me as a recommended friend? Current members cannot recruit other current members for the program. You must refer someone who is not currently a member to be eligible for the 20% monthly discount. Members will receive a 20% discount on their monthly fees for each recommended membership, regardless of the number of their referrals who join.

You can recommend up to five people who are eligible for the 20% monthly discount. Having multiple recommendations helps ensure that you maintain your 20% monthly discount if one of your recommendations is canceled early. You are not financially responsible for referral payments. However, if the membership of the person who referred you doesn't keep up to date, you'll lose your monthly 20% discount if you can't hire a new referral within 30 days.

Each membership is only eligible for a price reduction. You'll have 30 days to recruit a new friend to stay in the program and maintain your 20% monthly discount. If you can't confirm a new recommendation within 30 days, your rate will revert to the original monthly rate.

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