Are there any special discounts for members of certain professional organizations in wisconsin?

First, the Wisconsin Psychological Association represents the interests of the psychologists who live in our state and the clients we serve. Most of the laws that regulate the practice, from initial licensing to the scope of practice, are state statutes. In Wisconsin, the WPA has a long history of advocating for psychology and monitoring changes in laws that may affect the practice of psychology. Without the participation of the WPA over the years, psychologists' rights and opportunities to practice our profession would likely be very different in our state.

The WPA promotes and advocates for legislation that is favorable to the profession and beneficial to our clients, and opposes legislation that could have a negative effect on our work. WPA members get discounts on EC events. WPA offers high-quality continuing education activities. Through our annual convention and other EC events, the WPA offers a variety of learning opportunities that improve our professional knowledge and offer the CE credits needed to maintain the state license.

Members receive significant discounts on the cost of our convention, other EC events, and other WPA services available to psychologists. In addition to discounts on WPA activities, membership also provides access to “member-only” benefits and services on the WPA website. For example, our Find a Psychologist service includes only WPA members and allows the public to search for WPA psychologists across the state. Posting an ad can be a good source of referrals and a way to get your name out there as a professional provider, and even just one recommendation a year would probably cover your membership fee.

Psychology needs a voice and a place at the negotiating table as we work out the changes in our health system. Our voice is provided by our state and national professional organizations. Without the WPA and the APA, we would have no way of looking after our common interests and would risk suffering serious negative consequences as others made decisions about how we do our work. These important functions of the WPA must continue and our voices in Madison and Washington must be heard.

Fee payments to the Wisconsin Psychological Association are not charitable, but may be deductible as ordinary business expenses. The portion of your membership fees paid to an organization that engages in lobbying activities is not tax-deductible. Currently, the non-tax-deductible amount is 50%. As Wisconsin's leading association of accounting professionals, educators, and students, there are members for every stage of your career, and becoming a member can help you advance your career.

The Wisconsin Ambulance Professional Association advocates for the ambulance and emergency medical services (EMS) industry in Wisconsin. In addition to enjoying a sense of community, each member of the WAA receives a member kit that includes an official membership card, a Flat Bucky (perfect for taking selfies), an animated member sticker and special discounts, such as a 2-for-1 voucher for some Badger sports. The Wisconsin Institute of Public Accountants (WICPA) is the leading professional organization that represents public accountants, accounting professionals and businesses in the public interest.

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