Are there any special discounts for good students in wisconsin?

This list provides links to individual business programs and student discount programs through third-party providers. Students have access to a variety of discounts. UW Extended Campus compiled this document to ensure that our students are well informed about national student discounts. This program provides affordable Internet for families and students from eligible low-income households (including those who qualify for the NSLP, SNAP, Head Start and WIC, among others).

Also, if you use a different insurance provider that isn't mentioned above, it won't hurt to ask if they also offer student-related discounts. To be a qualifying household, it must have at least one K-12 student and at least one NSLP child. Keep in mind that, in many cases, these are not discounts that you can request if you pay for insurance yourself. They have a discount plan called Access from AT&T that is aimed at homes with Head Start or NSLP participants.

When you're a student, whether you're going to college away from home, going to high school for the first time, or you're in the middle of high school, juggling the responsibilities of education, no matter the level, can be difficult. To be eligible for the discount, you generally have to be under a certain age and “get good grades” (a GPA of 3.0 or more in most cases). These discounts aren't available in all areas, so it's best to check with a local insurance agent to find out what discounts you qualify for. In the first part, digital subscriptions, discounts on software and applications, discounts on purchases and special discount sites were shared.

This isn't a complete list of student discounts at The Badger State of Wisconsin, but we hope you can benefit from some of these student discounts. Coffee shops, bars, restaurants and even “boring” services such as dry cleaning are just some of the businesses in a university city that can offer discounts for students.

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