Are there any special discounts available if i use public transportation instead of driving?

RTC REGIONAL CONNECTOR trips are paid for in cash or only with passes. Keep the exact change handy when boarding, or purchase easy-to-use passes at many convenient pass outlets. Free transfer to RTC RIDE, RTC ACCESS and JAC (Jump Around Carson). Discounts are available for young people (6 to 1 year old), the elderly (over 65 years old) and disabled passengers.

Reduced fares require special identification when boarding. A transfer must be requested when paying the fee. Transfers are only valid on the date they are issued. Transfers can be used to board the RTC RIDE or RTC ACCESS in Reno, or the Tahoe Transportation District or the JAC in Carson City.

When using a pass for 10 trips on the RTC REGIONAL CONNECTOR, be sure to ask the driver for a transfer upon boarding. The Human Resources office at the University of Chicago offers travel benefits for qualified faculty and staff. Faculty and staff who qualify for benefits can pay for qualifying transportation programs through the University's transportation benefits administrator, Wageworks.

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