Are there any special discounts available if i take a defensive driving course?

This will depend on your individual policy. The discount required by the state is 10% of the base of your policy and the integral part of your policy. A defensive driving discount is a discount on your car insurance premiums after you successfully complete a defensive driving class approved by your airline. Teens and older people are typically eligible for the discount, which can reduce premiums by about 10%.

Depending on where you live, taking a road safety course can help you get discounts on car insurance. Ask a local State Farm agent for a list of qualifying courses and requirements. Because older people and teens are the two age groups most likely to file a car insurance claim, many companies offer defensive driving discounts to people in these age groups who pass an approved course. Another easier way for car insurance companies to reward safe driving is with a discount on defensive driving insurance.

Taking a defensive driving course can earn you a discount on car insurance or help you avoid being charged a fine. Many insurance companies offer discounts on defensive driving courses, so check with your insurance company. Many major auto insurance companies offer discounts of around 10% for driving defensively, but you might be able to get a higher one. A discount on defensive driving insurance can lower premiums by 3% to 15% depending on the state and the insurance provider, which can save you dozens of dollars a month.

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